About Company

A group of true professionals

Digiqore Info Solutions Private Limited is a Website & Software Development and Business Startup Consultancy Company based in India, West Bengal. We Specialize in Delivering Solutions in Business Process Automation, Customized Application Development and Web Based Application, with Success of Delivering a High Standard of Service to many different Organizations.

We have in-depth understanding of Business needs and the IT Challenges affecting our Clients, and we pride ourselves on providing cross-affective and perfectly tailored Solutions that take into account your wider Business requirements. With a focus on up front, in depth analysis of your requirements, our focus is to provide sustainable and strategic solutions, in a timely and flexible way.

Ever since our inception, we have had the opportunity to work for many companies across India, Nepal, and Bhutan. We have mainly worked on developing different Products ranging from Customized Enterprise Solutions, Business Process Automation, Web-Based Work Flow Management Solutions, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Software Development, E-Commerce & Web-Based CMS and Website Maintenance for our growing List of Clients. We ensure that we provide High Quality Services to all our Clients, from Web Designing to complex projects.

We are furnished with the Biggest Startup Consultancy Administration, which incorporates Law, Tax Collection, Content Composition, Registration, Its Compliances and other Company Secretarial Services, which helps to achieve the main goal. We are specialists in lawful, proficient and financial warning Services and help our Clients and setting up their business lawfully and to protect their business from unwanted legal Harassment.

Pratik Guha Niyogi
Founder & Managing Director


We grow together with your attitude

We bring a holistic vision to the IT needs of the Enterprise; this vision is about unlocking strategic value hidden in segmented and fragmented data and providing leading technologies that give our clients unparalleled insight into their businesses.


We think globally delivers locally . . . GLOBAL

We are committed to providing the highest standards of development and Integration of Web enabled applications and services through:

  • 1. Understanding both the Customer’s IT requirements and business process involved.
  • 2. Multi-Level testing the solution prior, during and post deployment.
  • 3. Continuously training programmers on the latest technologies.
  • 4. Managing projects according to International Project Management methods.
  • 5. Ensuring professional customer support and warranty services.
  • 6. To be a leading IT company offering one-stop solutions of all IT needs at any where in the world.


Our reach is global . . . Our approach is personal

Digiqore Info Solutions Private Limited offers not only services to their clients but a commitment. We ensure excellence in all our operations by combining experience, knowledge, technology, planning & execution. The combined efforts of our competent and dedicated professional team reflect in our service level. We will lead from front through high standard of quality services to our all clients and associates worldwide.


We care values . . . . . . . Your custodian

Good corporate governance involves a commitment of our company to run its businesses in a legal, ethical and transparent manner – a dedication that must come from the very top and permeate throughout the organization.


We always fulfill your needs

We help our clients setting up their startup businesses and IT processes into a coherent whole. We create flexible, robust IT solutions and Legal services that are geared specially to our clients’ business needs and processes.

We get to know our clients and their businesses so we can give then the best return on their IT investments and help them with our best company secretarial services. We show them how to unlock the strategic value hidden in segmented and fragmented data and we provide leading technologies that give them unparalleled insight into their businesses which results in speedy and measureable benefits to client organizations, and thereby providing returns on their investments.

We also provide excellent company secretarial services as a Business Start-up Consultancy to make their businesses legally strong and free from any legal issues.


We believe in friendly & healthy relationships

  • 1. Honesty and Integrity, which generate long-term client loyalty.
  • 2. A sincere focus on providing exceptional customer services.


We are always committed to serve you fast

  • 1. Promoting Innovation in everything we do.
  • 2. Personal Excellence and self-Improvement.