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Introduction to GeM Portal

We provide in-depth training on the fundamentals and core features of the Government E-Marketplace. It will help you gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the portal. From the workings and functionalities of the GeM ecosystem, uploading your products, managing your catalogue, placing bids, to acquiring quality projects the training includes everything you need for offering assistance in increasing winning ratio and growing business on the portal.

    GeM Registration(for both OEM and reseller)

    We provide training to both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) and resellers to successfully register on the GeM portal as a GeM Seller, We aim to make the GeM Portal Registration Process easier for them clearly explaining the steps and formalities involved. We train you for uploading your products and services and effectively managing your catalogue on the website. The training also includes personalized guidance for bid-participation and placement of tenders specific to category.

      100% Profile Verification

      After GeM Registration We create a product catalog on behalf of our clients (with confidentiality) and also in a way so our client’s probability to receive the direct order must be higher than others selling sell your product. we assure you that you will see here a very big difference as before uploading any product we do a thorough research of the demand, supply, costing, specification, pricing, and then we upload the product with a strong presentation.

          Brand Approval

          To get your brand approved on the Government e-Marketplace(GeM Portal), you need to meet specific eligibility criteria and pass the quality assessment audit. From giving you complete and extensive details on the procedures involved to the list of documents required, we provide comprehensive training of each step. Gaining brand approval allows businesses to list and sell their products or services on GeM easily.

              Catalogue Management

              We provide training to list, manage, and keep a track record of your products through our catalogue management module. This training will enable you to effectively document and update products and their specifications, pricing etc. It will also help you in successfully listing offers related to each product. By learning to create an organized catalogue, you can increase your customer retention rate and will be able to sell products and services more effectively. A well-organized catalogue is a symbol of professionalism.

                    Tendering Process on GeM Portal

                    We provide extensive training on how to effectively place tender submissions for your category on the government e-marketplace portal. Learn how to submit formal and structured tenders to your buyers explaining how you will deliver the contract. This training will help you demonstrate what makes you better than others. Learn how to place a high-quality tender and get an edge over your competitors. We will teach you how to write foolproof tenders and applications.

                            How to Prepare Fully compliant bid

                            Preparing a fully compliant proposal requires practice and perfection. Even minor mistakes or overlooking essential requirements can lead to lost opportunities. With our training, you will be able to create and submit the highest quality bids and secure valuable contracts. We will teach you all the elements of a fully compliant bid, including in-depth knowledge of specifications, eligibility requirements and documentation. We also provide detailed feedback on your submissions so that you can make necessary improvements.

                            To check and participate in Ongoing Bids Click Here for Bidlist

                            To check Bid/RA Status Click Here for BidResults

                            Market Analysis

                            Our training focuses on making you understand and perform market analysis with respect to your category. Market analysis is the first step to increasing your winning ratio on GeM Portal. Learn in detail how to study competitors and analyze present market trends. Having gained a proper understanding of the market landscape, learn actionable tips to become noticeable and know how to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. Understanding the market and your competitions completely is key to growing your business.

                              Buyer Account Workflow

                              Learn workflow of Buyer Account on GeM Portal which covers all the functionalities of buyer account as in Preparation of Bid, Contract Management, Order Placement, Preparation of Non Availability of report, Preparation of Custom Catalogue and Custom Bid and all the functionalities of GeM Buyer Account.

                              Documents Required As A Seller
                                 Aadhaar card of Proprietor or

                              Authorized Person or Director

                                 Pan Card of Proprietor / Company Pan

                              (If Partnership/ LLP/Pvt. Ltd.)

                                 Cancelled Cheque
                                 GST Certificate,

                              MSME Certificate, ISO, NSIC,

                              Trade Mark registration(if OEM),

                              ITR of Last 3 Years

                              Documents Required As A Buyer
                                 Aadhaar card of Head of Department

                              of Government Department.

                                 Mobile Number of Authorized Person

                              must Registered with Aadhaar Card

                                 Official Email id
                                 Following Organization Detail

                              1. Department Name,

                              2. Ministry Complete Address with Pin,

                              3. Landline Number

                              The pre-requisites for a primary seller/service provider registration are:
                              1. Constitution Type such as Properitorship, Firm, Company, Trust or Society and Central Government/State Government.
                              2. Constitution Name.
                              3. Aadhaar Number or Personal PAN of the user(Authorized signatory of ITR)
                              4. For Aadhaar based registrations, mobile number which is linked with the Aadhaar is required.
                              5. Documents such as CIN, PAN, DIPP, UAM, ITR details as per the constitution of the organization may be required for seller registration.
                              6. Address of the organization.
                              7. Bank account details of the organization
                              8. Active email id.

                              No, Aadhaar is not mandatory for Seller Registration. Sellers now also have an option to use Personal PAN for Identity Verification while doing the seller registration.
                              Organizations whose Date of Incorporation is less than 2 years can be exempted from uploading ITR on GeM Portal during registration.
                              Yes, you can register yourself as a product seller as well as a service provider.
                              No, primary registration should be carried out by Proprietor only. But, the proprietor can authorize secondary users to carry out activities such as uploading product(s)/ service()s), seeking of brand/product approval, Bid/RA participation, order fulfilment etc.
                              During registration on GeM, there is an option available for you to select your organisation as a MSE. Then you need to provide UAM and the mobile number or Aadhaar number linked with the UAM.
                              It is mandatory for all government buyers to purchase a certain percentage of products from MSE every year. Hence, if you are registered as MSME, you have the added benefit of sales.
                              During registration on GeM, there is an option available for you to select your organisation as a startup. Then you need to provide DIPP number and the mobile number linked with the DIPP number.
                              Yes, you can offer products/services on GeM if you are both a reseller and an OEM. However, while uploading your product, you must select whether you are an OEM or a reseller for that particular product.

                              This section in My Company is declaration for the applicability of e-invoicing
                              1. For users having verified ITR saved in Tax assessment section - Max turnover in 3 years will be considered in the tab and shall appear automatically.
                              2. Users must also declare if the Specific category is excluded from the compliance to e-invoicing as notified (Yes / No).
                              3. Declaration can be saved with OTP verification.
                              4. For users having unverified ITR/new user , they shall get option to enter the values and declare for the Specific category excluded from compliance to e-invoicing as notified (Yes /No) and save the same.

                              This might be due to the following reasons:
                              -Please check if you already have an account at GEM.
                              -The details of PAN and Aadhaar entered during registration should be correct.
                              -Mobile number entered for registration should be linked with Aadhar.
                              -While opting for PAN based registration, please ensure the name entered should be the same as in PAN.

                              Popular Product Categories Sold on GeM