Tender Documentation

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Tender Documentation

Tendering is the process of choosing the best and cheapest company to supply goods and services by asking several companies to make offers for supplying the goods and services.

Tender is an offer which incorporates the sum of money, time and other conditions required to carry out the contract obligations in order to complete a project or a part of it consisting of specified works.

Principles Of Tendering

The Purpose of these principles for Tendering is to provide a framework for the effective, consistent and efficient management of tendering practices throughout any construction project. The principles set out in this document can be equally applied to any industry involving the delivery of a new product or service. Successful projects have generally started with the use of best practice tendering processes.

These are the basic principles of tendering process:

  1. All Aspects Of The Tendering Process Must Be Conducted With Honestly At All Levels Of The Industry.
  2. A Clear Understanding Of The Rights And Obligations Of Both Parties.
  3. Parties Must Confirm To All Legal Obligations.
  4. Parties Must Clearly Indentify Ownership.
  5. Parties Must Not Submit Tenders Without A Firm Goal.
  6. Parties Must Not Engage In Any Practice Which Gives Improper Advantage.
  7. Condition Of Tendering Must Be The Same For Tender On Any Particular Project.
  8. Clients Must Clearly Specify Their Requirements In The Tender Document And Indicate Criteria For Evaluation.
  9. All The Information Provided In The Course Of Tendering Must Be Protecting.
  1. Invitation for Bid.
  2. Instruction to Bidder.
  3. Standard Forms.
  4. Condition of Contract.
  5. Form of Tender.
  6. Bidding Data.
  7. Contract Data.
  8. Specifications/ General and Special.
  9. Bills of Quantities (BOQ) with pricing preambles.
  10. Drawings.
  11. Schedules of additional Information.
    • Sample Copy of Letter of Acceptance.
    • Sample Copy of Bank Guarantee for Performance Bond.
    • Schedule of Day work rates.
    • Sample Copy of Bank Guarantee for Advance Payment.
    • Special/Particulars specifications.